Gratitude In The Workplace

Invoking a sense of gratitude every day can be challenging, especially in the workplace. Things may not seem positive enough to have anything to be grateful for and people tend to lose perspective of the bigger picture in life.

Create a sense of mindful gratuitousness by starting a gratitude wall or jar.

At the end of every month, have a group gathering where you go through all the amazing and positive things people have been grateful for, giving others a better idea of how the big and small things count.

The Jar:

Print and cut out the following gratitude slips for inspiration and a starting point. Click here.

Get teams to look through and gain a better idea of the kinds of things you can be grateful for. They can then come up with their own, write them down on pieces of paper that sit next to the jar and fold them up. Place them all in the jar and collect them until the end of the month. Go through them and release a sense of happiness, gratitude and mindfulness.

The Wall:

Build a wall of gratitude. It can be a cork board or white board with pictures and words of things people are grateful for in their lives. Not only does this look great and is super fun/creative but it also makes people smile as they walk past and think more deeply about all the greatness they have in their lives.

Feeling a sense of gratitude doesn't have to be hard and through the above exercises your colleagues will becomes happier, more content and brighter overall. Share your gratitude today.