Give Your Pantry A Make-Over

Would you love a pantry that is clean, organised and above all un-cluttered?  Imagine no rusty canned foods or random sauce packets lurking in corners. No leaking sauce bottles or spilled pasta. 

A well-organised pantry can help save money and time; money is saved by reducing food waste and buying duplicates, while time is saved on shopping and rummaging around for elusive spices. It also leads to a healthier kitchen as a sustainable and inviting pantry encourages good food choices and more cooking.

Follow our 5 easy steps for a pristine pantry:

Step 1: Clear out the clutter.

No doubt your pantry clutter includes foods past their use-by date, spices that have solidified and weevil infested flours and cereals. Bin the bad stuff and keep the good by first checking each item's use by date. Before putting anything back in, give the shelves and doors a wipe down with warm water and vinegar.

Step 2: Create order.

How you store your food can really change the whole dynamic of your cupboard or pantry, and make things easy to find. Your shelves should work from top (being things adults can reach) to bottom, where things are stored for anyone's use.

Your top shelf (if you have one high enough) should have things like medicines, matches or choose to store snacks away from little fingers. The next level down should have your baking needs such as; flour, baking soda and spices. 

Step 3: Store it.

Use old jam jars, recycled food containers or reusable plastic containers for your food storage, this will prevent items from spoiling and flies gaining access. Spices can be stored together in a small container, that has the lid open for grab and go access.

Step 4: Stock up

We recommend shopping for only the items you will frequently use, and switching to natural rather than pre-packaged goods. Think nuts, seeds, dried fruits, herbs and other sustainable items that will fill up the cupboard with items you can use in any dish, any time. 

When stocking up bring older items to the front of the pantry and move the newer ones to the back. 

Step 5: Maintain

Maintain your newly found pantry freedom by using pantry clips or ties to seal open bags and storing things back in place. By having the foundations set, you will have a much easier time navigating your pantry and it might even encourage you to do more nutritious cooking!