Get Your Employees Moving

Getting your employees moving can seem like a challenge, especially in jobs where you are expected to be at your desk. However with sitting being described as the new "smoking", its time to get your employees on their feet.

The good news is that there are simple changes you can make to get your employees moving and standing more, and we are not talking expensive sit stand desks.

Our tips allow more movement during the work shift, are inexpensive and easy to incorporate into any shift. Researchers recommend a break for 5 minutes every hour, to stand, stretch, walk move around and get the blood flowing.

So with that in mind here are our top ideas to put into place:

  1. Mandatory stand up breaks every hour for 5 minutes. This is a simple, yet effective way to get your staff moving more. When you add this up over an 8 hour day this is 40 minutes of moving, even if its just to the kitchen and back for a cup of tea.

  2. Encourage drink bottles on desks and to re-fill regularly, this ensures that your employees will be walking to the kitchen for water and as well as getting hydrated they are upping their step count at the same time.

  3. Be the squeaky wheel. If they need a little push to get up every now and then, make it your job to remind them, set an alarm or event tag all employees or team members in it so that they get a notification.

  4. Suggest team walking meetings as a way to talk on the move. Great in small groups and for paperless meetings. Just remember to give notice so employees can dress comfortably.

  5. If you can, allow longer lunch breaks so employees can do a 20-30-minute workout at the gym or in the park.

  6. Hold standing meetings rather than sitting as standing burns up to 50% more calories. Standing meetings are often more productive as they end on time, prevent people from talking too long and keep attendees alert.

  7. Stand up and move while on the phone. If you have a mobile handset or a long cord you can easily switch from sitting to standing.