Get More Energy The Natural Way

There really is no substitute for sleep. No matter how many gallons of coffee you drown your insides with in the morning, or how loud you crank up that ‘Feel Good’ playlist, if you want to feel awake, alert and energised, you have to be clocking the recommended eight hours. 

However sometimes sleep is not always an option when you need it the most.

So if you’re looking for ways to cope until it’s horizontal time (other than counting down the hours), we’ve got some pretty slick tricks up our sleeves:

 1. Drink Kombucha

The sparkling fermented tea drink that’s causing quite a wellness stir contains high levels of vitamin B12 known to boost energy levels and contribute to overall mental well-being. Plus, a hit of cold bubbles never went amiss for a quick wake-me-up.

2. …or Matcha

Matcha is known to calm the mind and body and is also said to enhance mood and aid in concentration. So if your usual cup of coffee tends to send you into more of an anxiety pit than a productive one, consider drinking matcha tea instead, for the caffeine boost without the jitters.

3. Shake your body out

No doubt the last thing you want to do after a night of sleeplessness is anything that involves: moving, sweating, or being in close proximity to anyone moving or sweating… But hear us out, exercising in the morning pulls you out of your slump, enhancing your mood and making you feel more alert throughout the rest of the day.  If getting out of bed early doors isn’t doable for you, exercise at the end of the day, to ensure a better nights sleep.

4. Have a decent breakfast

When sleep deprived, you probably tend to reach for the Coco Pops/muesli bar variety of breakfast, but if you’re in need of a lasting energy boost, hold off from straight-up carbs and sugar. That combo can cause a quick energy spike that will leave you feeling crashed and deflated mid-morning. To keep your energy levels up throughout the morning, you need to be eating carbohydrates that digest slowly paired with protein and satisfying healthy fats. Choose, for example, porridge oats topped with nut butter and high-fibre berries, or dense sprouted whole grain bread with avocado and eggs, or Greek yoghurt topped with seeds and nuts.

5. Walk around

One moment you’re mid-email, the next you’re fighting to keep your eyes open. Get up and move around – work at a standing desk if that’s an option, take a brisk 10-minute walk outside, or at the bare minimum, get up to use the bathroom, make a cup of tea or talk to a coworker. Sitting all day at a computer is a surefire way to make you feel groggy.

6. Power nap

If you’re one of the lucky ones with some kind of sleep pods in your office (or if you work from home), power napping is your new best friend. That said, taking a nap can be a double-edged sword: if you sleep too long you will probably wake up groggy, wondering what day of the week it is. The key is to keep your nap around 20 minutes, for that quick boost of energy.