Get Fit This Summer

The new year is here and 2020 is going to be full-on! Bring your new years resolutions to this summer themed workout and start smashing your fitness goals.

Increase your fitness by adding in a few sets of each of these exercises to your day and completing a few rounds without even having to leave the beach or the house (in the air-conditioning).

  • Step squat: Start with your feet close together and sit back into your imaginary chair behind you, stand up again and then step forward as you widen your legs to hip distance apart, toes out to the sides. Sit back into your squat again and repeat. Stepping forward one pace every repetition.
  • Ski lunges: Step back at an angle and bend the back knee at 90 degrees into your ski or curtsy lunge. Alternate for 10 each side.
  • Dead-bugs:
  • Wall or floor push up: On your knees, full plank or hands on the wall, aim to get your chest as close to the floor or wall as you can.
  • Bench dips: On the edge of a stable chair, or bed frame, place your hands behind you and shoot your fingers forwards, bend at the elbows and push up to extend up through the triceps. Repeat. Avoid thrusting your hips up, use the arms!
  • Skipping, you can do it without a rope if you want, just pretend! Aim for 1 whole minute before resting then repeat! 5 minutes burns 100 calories!

Get fit and healthy this summer by adding in a few little exercises that make a big impact.