Four Tips To Encourage High-Value Work

As a manager, it’s important to inspire your employees to do their best work. However, it can be tough to balance people management and producing results. So, how can you help your employees achieve high-value work? How can you better engage your workers?

Engaged employees offer incredible benefits for your business. According to Workplace Info, motivated employees strive to make their best efforts towards making the organisation successful. Other benefits include employees feeling happier, reduced absenteeism, and staying with the company longer.

But boosting employee engagement is no easy feat. In fact, only 24 per cent of Australia's employees say they are engaged with their work. Tailoring engagement is also difficult as every individual has unique needs and traits. But with just a few small changes, you can set your business on the path to success.

Engagement isn’t just vital for your business. It’s important for employee wellbeing, too. There are many ways to keep your employees motivated. Here are four tips to help your employees produce high-value work:

Create a transparent dialogue

Transparency is a valuable tool. Without open communication, employees will lack emotional commitment. Invest in collaborative work environments where ideas are actively encouraged. Be open and honest about challenges and problems. This helps your business grow and succeed as a team, rather than focusing on sheer numbers.

Appreciate good work

According to research, 42 percent of employees feel they don’t receive recognition. Applauding good work keeps motivation and productivity levels high. Be attentive to the effort and output of your employees. A simple “Great job!” can go a long way.

Implement a reward system

Positive incentives are great at keeping employees energised to do their best work. The goal is to make sure employees feel recognised. You can offer gifts, bonuses or longer breaks. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure it’s a public presentation. This sends the message to all staff that hard work is rewarded.

Build a fun culture

The culture of a company plays a huge role in workplace productivity. Implement group outings like watching a movie or eating at a nice restaurant. If your colleagues share a common passion, organise events around the interest. The team that plays together, stays together.

Achieving high-value work is more important than ever. Ensure your employees have the tools they need to be efficient and productive. Foster a supportive environment where staff want to succeed. A company's best asset is an engaged workforce.