Four Tips For Effective & Uncomplicated Wellbeing Program's

Wellbeing programs are essential to maintaining a healthy workplace. But with so much information and various activities to choose from, you could run the risk of overwhelming your employees with too many initiatives and information. It’s time to ask: is your wellbeing program too complicated?

Businesses are increasingly noticing the impact of a healthy workplace environment. With plenty of health benefits for employees, less sick days and more engagement and productivity, businesses are embracing wellbeing programs.

There is a wealth of wellbeing programs and each varies in their content and approach. According to research by the Society for Human Resource Management, 75 percent of companies offer some type of wellbeing program, resource or service to employees. Depending on the priorities or lifestyles of your employees, your program could be targeting mental health, weight management, sleep patterns or nutrition.

But no matter what your wellbeing targets, it’s important to not overcomplicate your program. This runs the risk of losing employee engagement, motivation and results. Here are four key factors that make an effective wellbeing program:

It’s accessible: It’s important that your wellbeing program is easily accessible by everyone. Having easy access promotes employee participation and a smooth process. Consider using a wellbeing portal. Wellbeing portals are a great way to create a user-friendly and positive experience. WorkScore presents your company’s WorkScore results on a personalised, easy to access dashboard.

It has a communication plan: Communication is gold. Communication allows employees to feel motivated, connected and engaged. Keep your wellness messages short and sweet. Information should be simple and easy for employees to understand. Avoid intimidating your employees with too much information.

It has a health assessment tool: A health assessment tool is very valuable for your wellbeing program. It’s a great way to educate your employees and provide motivation to make healthier lifestyle changes. WorkScore partners with you to identify focus areas and provide a bespoke wellbeing program to boost employee engagement and productivity.

It provides educational resources and activities: A great and effective wellbeing program will help employees implement daily, healthy habits. WorkScore measures the ongoing wellbeing of your people against five key elements using the WorkScore survey, weekly check-ins and wellbeing goals success. WorkScore determines which wellbeing solutions suit your business needs based on your wellbeing results.

Don’t overcomplicate your wellbeing program. Keep your program simple and achievable so your employees can thrive and live a healthier lifestyle. If you'd like to find out more about WorkScore, call us on 1300 972 673 or email us at [email protected].