Foot Health Week

This week is Foot Health Week! Look after your most important assets and keep your feet in a healthy condition. Visit the Foot Health Australia website to find a podiatrist near you.

Our feet are our grounding forces; they allow us to walk, run, dance and stand for hours at a time. With 19 muscles and tendons in our feet injuries are common, from pain in the arch of the foot ( Plantar Fasciitis) to inflammation of the tendons (Tendonitis), and around 40 percent of Australians will experience some form of foot problems in their lifetime.

So, why don’t we treat our feet like the rest of our body and take them for a check-up, just like we would go to the dentist for our teeth?

Ever heard of a Podiatrist? Many people associate Podiatry with the treatment of ingrown toenails and corns in older people. While this is correct, Podiatry also involves footwear prescription for sports, as well as general ailments. The more active you are, the more important it is to take care of your feet at an early age and the less likely you are to have issues as you age.

Here are some tips to keep your feet in top condition:


Finding the right shoes for everyday use is well worth the effort and the money. You spend more than half your day wearing shoes, so it pays to be sure they are the right fit and comfortable enough. Check out the brand's Active Feet, Ecco Footwear or Bared Footwear which are recommended options by podiatrists.

Ladies, if you wear heels to work, now is the time to change that habit and keep a pair under your desk at work for important occasions. Opt for wearing wedges for better support or flats with orthotic insoles inside them; this will offer better foot protection and avoid muscle strain.

Top Tip: Wear different shoes for different sporting activities, ensure you spend the time to chose the right type for the right activity.

General Care: 

  • Dry thoroughly after washing to avoid fungal infections

  • Moisturise with a heel balm to keep cracked heels at bay.

  • Check for any cuts, bruises, lumps or bumps that may have appeared and treat right away

 Final words of wisdom:

"To keep you on your feet, I advise people to check their feet daily, treat minor issues quickly and see a podiatrist for any foot and ankle concerns." John Niemotko (Podiatrist).