Fuel A Productive Meeting

Training sessions and boardroom meetings are often catered with the usual suspects of sandwiches, pies, and pastries on offer, Whilst they are cheap and easy to make, these types of foods leave staff feeling tired and sluggish when what you really need is perky, creative and inspired.

So rather than order the usual plate of carbohydrate laden delights or a box of pizza, rethink the traditional menu and aim for plenty of fresh and nutritious foods.

When planning your next training sessions or long meeting that includes lunch, try a healthier option for a more productive meeting. Follow our simple guidelines for an energy boosting lunch.



Protein is an essential part of your daily diet as it provides energy, satisfies your appetite and helps muscles recover. It is also great for sustained energy production needed in long meetings as it levels your blood sugars.  

Add protein to lunches with spinach and pumpkin frittata's, lean chicken wholemeal wraps or chicken salad.

Low GI:

Low GI (glycaemic index) foods keep sugar levels steady by slowly releasing energy. Including low GI carbohydrate foods is a great way to fuel the brain for those longs afternoons.

Use wholegrain breads for sandwiches, add hummus and vegetable sticks for a tasty option or opt for brown rice sushi with avocado.

More filling less bread:

If the menu choices are limited think more filling and less bread as your main goal. Egg and lettuce, chicken and corn and cheese and salad are fantastic fillings to have in a wholegrain wrap or sandwich. Ask for thin bread

Fresh is best:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are nutrient rich foods that boost focus and memory.  Think avocados, blueberries, celery,  green leafy vegetables and walnuts for brain power and hold the fried food.

Treats without the sweets:

We love a bliss ball at WorkScore and you can now find them in most supermarkets or wholefood shops. Made with raw ingredients and sugar free, good quality bliss balls are that perfect sweet treat that will maintain a steady blood sugar level and power you through the afternoon.