Focus On Fitness At Work

It’s widely known that healthy workers equal good business results. Indeed, improvements in workplace wellbeing lead to better employee engagement, even a healthier bottom line.

However, successfully driving a healthier workforce takes more than just rolling out yoga-ball chairs, healthy snacks and free exercise classes. As research shows, the best corporate wellness programs create a culture of health. The key then lies in cultivating the right attitude to fitness.

If your workplace’s wellbeing attitude needs to get into shape, then take note of these five ways to improve fitness culture:

  • Encourage participation

Make fitness appealing, not demanding. Get your employees excited about fitness by promoting fitness activities, offering trial sessions and even forming a ‘fitness champions’ group to advocate the benefits. By taking this approach, you’ll make workers ‘want to’ join your wellbeing program instead of feeling they ‘have to’.

  • Create targeted activities

Health goals are as unique as fingerprints. So, having a variety of activities to suit different employees is a great way to motivate everyone to get fit. Start sporting teams, offer beginner and low-impact exercise classes for those who are just starting their wellness journey.

You can even tailor your offerings to suit where and how employees work (i.e. indoors or outdoors, physical or desk jobs). Again, think about what can motivate more people in your workforce to get active.

  • Lead by example

The best way to inspire action is to role-model. Take a leaf out of the book of HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes. He believes, “companies that sweat together stays together.” Even during busy periods, he finds time to do yoga at work. No wonder fitness is a deeply-ingrained part of the company.

  • Measure and share results

Of course, for any successful program, employee buy-in must go hand in glove with leadership support. That’s why metrics are important. Tools such as WorkScore, help to quantify and track progress in different areas of wellbeing. Plus, goals are great motivators. Got a target WorkScore? Why not share it with your people? Then everyone gets to contribute to success.

  • Make it fun

No one builds a Lego set for the cognitive and creative benefits—they do it because it’s fun! Your wellness culture is no different. Up the fun-factor: think dance classes, group competitions like dragon boat racing or even a company ping-pong championship. After all, feeling better should put a smile on your face right?

Take these five steps for a spin and enjoy a fitter company—physically and financially!