Five Fun Fitness Challenge Ideas

No one enjoys a flop. That’s why Tinseltown hands out awards to shame people out of making bad films. In the same way, you don’t want an award for the worst attempt at a workplace fitness challenge.

While there are many fitness challenge programs available, sometimes creativity can really add excitement. Plus, you don’t need to sign up to a potentially expensive, hyped-up but ineffective program. Our tips can help you start your very own fun, low-cost and engaging activity.

Here are five fitness challenge ideas we think employees will love:

Crank up a cooking contest:

Good food is essential for fitness. Instead of hosting a bake-off (cakes equal high calories!), why not introduce a healthy cooking contest?

Think MasterChef and run it over several rounds with a grand prize for the winner. Judge for flavour and presentation but also for health criteria such as low-calorie, fat, sugar and sodium or even the use of non-processed ingredients and superfoods. Why not get your local café owners or regular caterers to judge at the finale for a real community event?

Get fit every day:

The best fitness challenges are inclusive. That’s why daily habit challenges are a great idea. Everyone can complete simple activities such as bringing a healthy lunch, walking during breaks or 

taking the stairs. Run it for 2-4 weeks and reward employees who stick to the habit—more winners means more participants!

Team fitness: Forget footy tips, let your team shine instead. Go up against other teams and see who can complete the most steps, squats or even walking meetings over a period. Invite others to place their tips on who’ll be the winning team—make it fun for everyone. It’s a great way to bond teams while getting active. Sports competitions: We think there should be more sports played within businesses. It’s fun, everyone loves it, and a great way to stay fit. Host annual competitions between departments or have a ‘sports fest’ week. The good thing about this is you don’t need a major prize—a token trophy and bragging rights are usually enough!

Leadership challenge:

Nothing motivates employees more than seeing leaders participate in activities. Gather your leaders to take part in fitness challenges. See who can bike the furthest, climb the most steps, run the fastest. The key is to document it. So, take videos, share photos or organise for employees to join the leaders while they complete the tasks.

Don’t launch a fitness challenge flop or give your teams to the same old cookie-cutter programs. Take these ideas for a spin and make fitness fun for everyone.