Fitness Programs - Do's and Don'ts

If you love a bit of structure to your workouts, then a fitness program is a great way to go. These are usually accessed through an app or online pdf. download which can be printed.

Some people make their own - not recommended unless you are a certified fitness trainer or exercise physiologist. Others sign up to the million of online programs that are out there on the web without a second glance.

But how can you differentiate between what works and what is just a quick money making, untailored program, written by someone with little to no qualifications?


  • Your research into the trainer offering the program.

  • Find out how many followers/ reviews they have.

  • Have they got real results, not from paid actors/actresses.

  • What do they offer, is it a generalised plan or is there room for customisation?

  • Look for a program that offers support, nutrition and workouts.


  • Sign up on an impulse buy.

  • Rely on false promises without real results shown.

  • Try to completely overhaul your fitness and nutrition in one program.

  • Expect results without effort and sacrifice.

When choosing your program ensure you take a look at the points above and go into it with both guns blazing, the more effort and passion you pour into your new program, the better your end result will be. Try to take something out of it that you can use in the long term and allow it to teach you healthier habits along the way.

Here are some great programs we recommend: