Find Your Daily Non-Negotiables For Wellbeing

Imagine starting a new exercise, meditation, or some other self-care routine. You stick to it for a week and you notice greater calm and strength in body and mind. Then, a really busy, tiring, and stressful day comes along.

Exhaustion gets the better of you and you find yourself thinking: “I’ll do it tomorrow.” But tomorrow goes past, along with another week, and suddenly you realise that you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and frankly, not that great in your body.

That’s when it hits you:

“I felt so much better when I was making the time to take care of myself.”


This is a familiar scenario to most people, and it makes sense why. Living busy lives is stock-standard these days. While busyness can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time, it can mask the brewing storm of overwork and stress. This is why if we don’t make our wellbeing a priority, we feel the consequences.

Looking after our wellbeing can be simple. It means engaging in self-care activities that help us to unwind mentally, declutter emotions, and support our physical health--e.g. mindful breathing, guided meditations, daily journaling while listening to music, exercise, and eating healthy whole-food meals.

But it’s not just enough to have wellbeing on our to do list.

We have to start by identifying what type of self-care activity makes us feel best.

Self-care looks different from one person to the next. Whatever it is, when the benefits feel great, it keeps us going. So finding what makes you feel good is important.

Keep in mind that the convenient slump-on-the-couch kind of activity doesn’t count. Why? Because a self-care activity is something that adds value to your mental and/or physical health. Though it’s nice to just plop down and chill sometimes, self-care activities should make you feel like a rockstar after (even if they’re tough to begin, like exercise).  

We have to turn these activities into our daily non-negotiable's.

For example, remove the “I want to meditate for 15 minutes every day” and replace it with “I will meditate for 15 minutes every day.” Even if it’s the last thing you do before falling asleep, or the first thing you do after feeding and putting the kids to bed.

Make a pact with yourself to show up for the activity. Even if it’s only a 15 minute workout, show up and do it. With some time, the positive impact it has on your life will keep you going back for more.

Daily non-negotiable self-care can really make the busyness in our lives more sustainable. It can balance out all the noise and constant movement. And it serves as a reminder that we deserve to be on our own to do lists.