Fight The Snack

Snacking can often get the better of us. I mean, who doesn’t love to devour an entire box of crackers with cheese left over from the weekend?

Stop the snacking rut and start snacking smarter with these simple changes that will have you on track in no time, without feeling guilty!

  1. Add more fruit and veg to your fridge and bench. Having pre-chopped and pre-prepared healthy options will make it more likely for you to choose those snacks. We are all about convenience, so we love things that are fast, easy and, of course, nutritious.

  2. Make in bulk: Buy your ingredients in bulk and make large batches of bliss balls, healthy muesli bars and banana muffins. You can freeze these or they last up to a week in the fridge.

  3. Pack your lunch box the night before. If you leave it until you are in a hurry in the morning, you will be likely to forget to pack your healthy snacks and be tempted to buy things from vending machines or the shops.

  4. Stop and think. How am I feeling right now? Do I really want a bag of chips? Am I really starving? Maybe you just need a cup of tea, an extra glass of water or some fruit. It can be easy to let boredom and stress take over your hunger pains and lead you astray. If in doubt, write down how you are feeling in the moment before you snack. This way you can keep track and see if you have patterns or habits that can be altered.

  5. Let yourself live a little. We are not saying that you shouldn’t snack, in fact, snacking is really good for your metabolism, it is just important to stay balanced and eat foods that are going to serve your body in the best way possible.