Feeling Down? Let's Perk It Up!

What’s the best way to deal with a low mood? Good question. What works for some, may not for others. So, we’re here with a varied list of ideas to hopefully bring on a smile or two. 

Connect with someone! Send a text message to your best friend. Ring your mum or dad. Go grab a coffee with a colleague. Bringing awareness to your place among others is comforting and can help you feel grateful. 

Make plans. Set a date for something you can look forward to: dinner with your mates, a movie with your partner, or why not even a holiday you’ve been meaning to go on?

Give three. Challenge yourself to think three positive thoughts for every sad, whingey, or negative one that comes up. 

Get your move on. Even if you don’t feel like exercising, put your favourite song on and have a jam. Pull down the blinds and shut the door if you need to--but groove away the sads and move that body. 

Buy someone lunch. And not just any someone: a person who could really use it. If you work in your city’s cbd, there are plenty of opportunities to get some water and food to someone in need on the streets. 

Watch some comedy. Laughing is such an effective way to perk up anyone’s mood. There are plenty of comedy skits online and even on free podcasts. So stick your earbuds in and distract yourself for a while with a good chuckle. 

Foot rubs. Yup. If you haven’t given yourself a foot massage before, do yourself a favour. And even if you’re ticklish, you’re in luck--it’s really hard (if not impossible) to tickle yourself!

Have a (healthy) sweet treat. Now, you may think we’re boring, but a handful of lollies makes you feel good, only to give you a nasty worse-off crash later. So chuck a couple of medjool dates, a banana, cacao and peanut butter in a blender with some liquid and slurp up some cheery sweetness. 

Get your heart rate up. Remember when we mentioned exercising? Well it is the best way to get good-feeling hormones coursing through your veins. It would be remiss of us not to put it on this list. If you’re short on time or a gym membership, checkout our WellHub Fitness area for a quick bodyweight workout and get your heart rate up! 

Accept how you feel. We’re going deep with this simple yet powerful suggestion. Try not to egg on your bad feelings by paying them too much attention. Accept that every human has down days, it’s normal, and it will pass. Love yourself, bad mood, or not. 

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