Feel Fresh With This Air-Kicking Workout

Got your 'kicks' on? Ready to get a 'kick' out of this workout? Let's get kicking!

Try these 7 exercises as a new workout that is a kick boxing style, no equipment workout. Brilliant for stress relief and getting the heart rate up. Our only recommendation is that this one needs plenty of space between you and the next person. We don't want anyone getting kicked!

  1. High kicks: Standing with your feet hip distance apart and step slightly backwards for balance with your left foot, use your other leg as a stabiliser and kick the left leg forward and up towards the roof. Your abdominals should control your kick and your leg should be flexed and strong.

  2. Donkey kicks: On all fours ensure your wrists are under your shoulder and your knees are under your hips. with the hips parallel with the floor, lift on leg to 90 degrees and kick your flat foot towards the roof.

  3. Standing Side kicks: Standing hip distance apart, bring one leg out to the side like a pendulum, and kick out to the side of your body. Aim to activate your obliques and keep the leg strong and flexed for muscle activation benefits.

  4. Crunch punch: Lie on your back in a crunch position. Instead of having your hands behind your head, have them in fists below your chin. As you rise up into your crunch (not a sit up), use your fists to punch across the body, 1 - 2. Lie back down and repeat. Punch out and crunch up as you exhale.

  5. Lying side kicks: Lying on your side with the bottom leg bent at 90 degrees behind you, take the top log and straighten it out in line with your hip. With your foot flexed and toes shooting towards your ankle, lift your leg up about 10 cm from your bottom leg and then lower it back down, repeat do the count of your breath. Feel this in your leg by keeping it long and strong, feel the inner thighs activate and the obliques switch on as you lift and lower. Ensure you do both sides.

  6. Reverse lunge to step through kick: Begin by standing hip distance apart and stepping back with your right leg into a reverse lunge. Bend the right knee to 90 degrees and your left to 90 degrees as well. Keep the chest open and shoulders back. As you step back to your starting position, instead of putting your foot back on the floor, bring the right leg through and up in front for a kick. Repeat 10 x each side as many times as you like.

  7. Butt-kickers: As simple as it sounds, for this great exercise you will be standing and with one leg at a time kicking your foot back to reach your behind. Each tap is one repetition. Repeat 20 times then rest. Aim to get those feet as close to your glutes as possible and pick up the speed a little to make it more challenging.

Always remember to stretch after your workout and increase your repetitions as you improve over time.