FebFast: Pause For A Cause

Join thousands of other Australians this February in the Febfast campaign, which challenges participants to press pause on a cheeky habit for a whole month—all while raising funds to support challenged youth.

Proceeds from febfasters’ sponsors go to organisations that work hard to assist nationwide youth aged 12-25 years, that are experiencing extreme hardship. Issues of concern include neglect, abuse, and drug and alcohol addiction. The partnering organisations provide mental health and well-being resources, education, employment, rehabilitation, and safe housing.

Febfast says that depending on the challenge, participants report that they save money, feel healthier, sleep better, and are more productive at work. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Need some challenge ideas to get the ball rolling?

Ditch the alcohol or sugar

Why not use the month to ditch the habit and addiction around a very common vice? Many of us love a glass of wine or beer, but alcohol is known to help us pack on the weight, challenge our livers, and even disrupt our gut microbiomeSugar, does much of the same things. Ditch one, or even both, to feel the benefits.

Meat or dairy

With mounting research that eating more plants helps reduce our risk of heart disease and many cancers, improves our brain health, and prevents and treats diabetes—why not challenge yourself to swap one meal a day to something plant-based? In addition to the health benefits we gain, the one-meal-a-day for the planet challenge also helps to reduce our individual impact on the environment. That’s certainly doubling-down on your febfast impact!

Shift the sedentary life

How about a movement challenge? That’s right! Get up out of the office chair or up off the couch. Set hourly reminders at work to do a quick lap and opt for a walk every night instead of time in front of the TV. Whatever your style, set a goal and get moving for better health!

Say goodbye to whinging

Febfast mentions bad attitude on their challenge suggestions—and we think that’s pretty great. Mindset really is everything. From improving your day to improving your whole life, changing your perspective and the things you say is powerful. Commit to a month free of complaining and full of acceptance.

Limit screen time

Put restrictions on your screen time and become more conscious of how much time you actually waste on your phone, computer, watching TV etc. Get outdoors instead and feel the benefits. A good starting point is 2-3 hours of screen time a day, and decrease to 1 hour if you can!

To get started, head to febfast and register for free. Want to get your whole office on board? There’s an option to register as an office team as well. Go press pause for a cause and watch the productivity soar!