Exercise Right Week 20-27th May 2019

This year, Exercise Right Week is all about ageing better through more movement in your day.

To get involved, why not try some of these ideas this week. Better yet, set up a schedule of fun movement  based activities from the list below for the week.

  1. Outdoor yoga

  2. Chair stretches/posture fixes

  3. Team touch football

  4. Plank challenge

  5. Group morning, lunch or afternoon walk

The benefits of bringing more movement into your day are astounding:

Exercise right week is about:




The ESSA says that "Regular physical activity helps to maintain independence and quality of life, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and improves mood and mental health!"

Get involved by hosting events that involve movement every day. Or join one of the events that are being held around Australia here. 

Use the hashtags below to support their goal to encourage Aussies to get moving!

#ERWeek2019 #ActiveAgeing #MoveMoreAgeBetter