Easy Immunity Boosters

Bored with your usual hot water, lemon and honey?

We have listed some simple immunity boosters that you can easily include in your daily diet regime. Based on scientific research these drinks and foods are great options to improve your health and immunity.

Green tea:

This antioxidant rich tea has many benefits for your health and immune system. There are many health benefits from the ability to calm and reduce stress, reducing the risk of tumour growth, preventing heart and brain diseases and promoting long life. The distinct amino acid that green tea contain is responsible for most of these wonderful benefits.

The best way to drink green tea is by boiling hot water, pouring it into a cup, then transferring slowing into a separate cold cup, do this twice. This process may take a little longer but if you want those amazing benefits above, this is the best way to avoid destroying the amino acid green tea contains (keeping the water to a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius).


These juicy and therapeutic 'arils' are great on salads, in your cereal, or sprinkled on top of your favourite smoothie. With their ability to help with chronic inflammation, obesity, insulin resistance, and gut problems, pomegranates are something new to add to your shopping list.

Find them in your local grocery store near the passion fruit, kiwis and persimmons.


This bee made sweetness is nothing short of brilliant, easy to add to tea, cooking or drizzle onto of porridge. Include it in your daily diet to decrease inflammation and your chance of heart disease.


The main ingredient in turmeric that gives it its amazing golden glow, curcumin is on the rise in the health sector. You can consume this in powder or capsule form. Benefits include; anti-inflammatory properties, high in antioxidants, and helps us age better. Not to mention its potential anticancer abilities.


The little red bites of sunshine are great not only in your trail mix or on-top of your yoghurt, they also contain amazing phytochemicals and have anti-oxidative and anti-microbial elements. They can also increase your immunity and ability to resist infection. Eat these regularly to promote healthy aging too. The best way to consume these is fresh, but dried cranberries are also good for you in small quantities. If you find that fresh ones are hard to come by, frozen ones in a smoothie create great flavour and colour.


From the citrus family, lemons are great in warm water, squeezed over salads or (if you like to purse your lips and have tears drip down your face) are lovely to be eaten fresh. Lemons contains two very important elements; Vitamin C and Potassium. Vitamin C can help fight off cold symptoms and Potassium can enhance the nervous system and regulate fluids in the body (along with many other benefits).