Dry July - Get On Board This Month

Have you heard or Dry July? Maybe you have but never signed up? This year is your chance to do something for your health by eliminating alcohol from your life for the month of July and also raise money for cancer sufferers. You can register as an individual or team here.

This is a great opportunity for everyone in the workplace to get on board, have some healthy competition, all while improving your health and showing yourself how you really can be better off without alcohol or happy hour.

Tips to make it to the very end:

  1. Change happy hour at the pub to happy hour at the gym, yoga or even just having a cup of tea. This allows a new and healthier ritual to take the place of an old and unhealthy one.

  2. Do it with friends or in a team, you will be better motivated, and it will help you to stay accountable. If everyone you normally go out drinking with is doing dry July with you, spend the time going to a movie, having them over for dinner or hanging out with some fancy mocktails.

  3. If it’s the habit you are stuck in, try non-alcoholic options or keep some lemon lime bitters handy (the alcohol-free version). Take this month to find out why you feel like drinking and tackle these thoughts and issues.

  4. Don’t be fooled by tiramisu and other alcohol rich desserts, these are off-limits too. Try something healthier like a fruit sorbet.

  5. Perspective is key, after the first week you may find you kick the habits and begin to forget what you are missing. It’s all over in a month and then you can do some deep thinking about your drinking habits and maybe lessen your intake forever!

  6. Worried about what people might say? Use it as an opportunity to discuss why you are doing it and how they can get on board too. Not only is it for a great cause, but it is also beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

Good luck with Dry July, the team at WorkScore will be participating too!