Does Coffee Make You Yawn?

Google coffee and health and you will unveil a lot of contradictory news about the impacts of a daily coffee on your health. Some studies claim it can prolong life and decrease the risk of heart disease, whilst other's warn of the addictive nature of caffeine and withdrawal like symptoms when a latte is late!

So, we have done some digging on coffee consumption and found that if you are consuming more than 2 regular cappuccinos a day, it could be harming your ability to feel awake and energised. 

Although caffeine has a positive effect on your attention span and can be a short term relief for the effects of sleep deprivation, it can also increase tiredness overall  - especially when consumed in the afternoon. The constant spiral of coffee or caffeinated drinks pared with the need for a restful sleep is a disaster in the making. Our sympathetic nervous system becomes unable to escape the loop of constant alertness if we have caffeine too late in the day. The result? A disrupted sleep pattern resulting in, you guessed it, more coffee! Elevated heart rates, erratic blood pressure and more are also affects of caffeine consumption.

We recommend to keep your caffeine for the morning and drinks after midday should be caffeine free. This allows the body to prepare for a restful and proper night’s sleep. Resist turning to caffeine at the 3pm natural energy slump and take a walk or a stretch instead. Hydrate with some water or grab a high energy snack like a banana. Remember, us humans do get tired and it is completely normal. Artificial methods of energy boosts will only do further damage to your body clock and metabolism.

Note that whilst coffee, tea's, soft drinks and chocolate are most common forms of caffeine, it is often in other things such as medication and some alcoholic beverages. Keep your eyes peeled for these food and drink items and attempt to be conscious of your consumption of them as the day progresses.

If you need a pick-me-up read our article on natural energy boosters, these will give you the energy you need to get you through to bed time and allow for a restful night's sleep afterwards.