Do What Is Best For Your Body

Every - body is different, and every-body is special and unique in it's own way.

Appreciate that you are one of a kind that no one will ever be able to re-create.

Learn about your body and spend time caring for yourself in order to better care for others.

Famous inspirational book author Leo F. Buscaglia said 


“To love others you must first love yourself.”

This is also true for your body and your overall health.

Through looking after our bodies in a healthy and respectful way we can ensure we have a long and healthy life with less chance of illness, ailment etc.

Top 5 ways you can better care for your body:

  1. Speak to yourself how you would like to be spoken to by others. Would you like it if your friends or colleagues started calling you the names you call yourself or picking apart the things they dislike about you? No. Start by revamping the way you speak to yourself internally. If you would normally criticise yourself for having a bad hair day, instead, acknowledge that you are human and your hair is wonderful for just being on your head! Perspective.

  2. Take compliments and share the love. When someone compliments you, they generally believe what they are saying, so say thank you and share a compliment with them or others throughout your day after your nice boost in happiness and endorphins. 

  3. Learn how your body responds to certain situations, foods, exercise etc. If you know what works best for you, not someone on Instagram, you will feel much more energised and happy in the skin you have.

  4. Pay attention to what serves you. Is this moment, job, food, exercise or person making you feel like your body isn't good enough? Find out why this is and then change it. If something or someone doesn't serve you or your body in a positive manner, make it a priority to spend less time in that situation or with that person.

  5. Be brave and embrace what you have! We are all amazing in our own way and should be proud of that. No one else can be you and that is what makes you special. Care for yourself by spending time with you. It may sound silly but allowing yourself some alone time can really allow you to learn to love who you are and appreciate what you can do with your body.

Keep up the positive vibes by sharing what you find out about yourself in a journal and looking back when you feel lost or down.