Develop A Better Relationship With Your Body

“Oh, Hey There Gorgeous", is what you should be saying to yourself when you look in the mirror, as opposed to the negative self talk so many of us engage in. Recognising that we are all different, unique and amazing is essential to success and happiness in life. However, in this era of social media posts and judgement from others it is  often hard to love our bodies.

A report commissioned by Dove, found that a whopping 89 per cent of Australian women cancel plans and important engagements because of how they look. The study compared over ten thousand women of all ages, across the world and found that low self esteem is common place. 

Many of those surveyed blamed the media for setting “unrealistic standards” and whilst we know that social media doesn't reflect real life and those 'flawless' looking models on Instagram do not look like that every day, many people (men and women) struggle daily with their body image. Thankfully, some celebrities, such as; Beck Jackson, known as becklomas on instagram are bucking the trend and publishing photos from different angles, highlighting just how much light and filters can change an image.

Change is coming, but we still need to implement positive thoughts and ideas about our own bodies to keep these changes flowing. Humans are very visual creatures, with half of our brain used for processing visuals, no wonder we love a selfie and admiring beautiful things. However, the time has come to recognise and 'share'  inner beauty over outer beauty.

Put the body shaming aside and start letting your personality shine. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ways that you can begin to mend to the negative relationship you might be having with your body:

  • Stand back from the mirror: Staring in the mirror profusely is never good for anyone, take a step back and instead of stressing over your weird looking knee caps, give yourself a compliment. Maybe your hair is on point today or maybe your smile is lighting up the room. Embrace your positives and throw away the negatives
  • Positive statements: Write down a minimum of 3 things you love about yourself daily, and over time they will change, grow and the list becomes longer than you! Ensure they are both outer and inner elements of yourself.

"The time has come to recognise and 'share'  inner beauty over outer beauty"

  • Create a balance: Spend quality time on activities unrelated to body image, Spending time outdoors is shown to boost self -compassion and provide much needed distance from media and advertising.
  • Be Confident: Step out into your day with a smile, wear your favourite cologne or socks for a boost of confidence or choose a power ballad on your playlist. If you feel powerful, strong and happy, you will come across as confident without even trying. 

To start making a change toward a better body image and self-confidence, share your new found tips with others and encourage them to take on your new perspective of self love. 

Note: Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Is an actual medical condition that requires medical treatment, if you think that you or someone you know may be suffering with this form of anxiety seek medical or professional help.