Dance, Barre & Zumba

Dance: Join a dance class near you to benefit from sweaty fun! Not only is it great for a social event as well, but you will seriously burn some calories in a dance class and challenge your brain at the same time. The key is to be able to count backwards from 5 to 8.
  "It's time to begin - now count it in 5-6-7-8." - Steps  
Dance your heart out with a jazz, tap or freestyle class. Your style is your prerogative and you can really let loose. If structure is more your thing, try a choreographed class in your local area and feel the calories burn. Barre workout: A hybrid of ballet, Pilates and core work this burner of a class will have you toning and touching your toes in no time. Benefits:
  • Utilises your own body weight for resistance and challenge.
  • Works muscles that are often forgotten or rarely focused on.
  • Only need a barre and a mat, sometimes other props are used like in Yoga/Pilates.
  • No experience necessary and it is suitable for all levels of fitness/flexibility.
  • Strength, endurance and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Great for increasing bone density.
  • Increases mind and body connection/awareness.
  • Great for form and posture alignment.
Try this: Hold the bar with your left arm and face to the side, raise the right leg up from the floor towards the sky and reach your right arm towards your foot. Repeat on both sides, feeling your side abs, inner and outer thigh and glutes working.  Zumba Fitness; Fun, exciting, raw and very good for your heart rate/cardiovascular fitness. Have a laugh with Zumba Fitness. 
  • Weight loss
  • Toning
  • De-stress
  • Happy endorphins released
  • Smile more
  • Make friends
Moves: Side to side arm swings, add a 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, then side jump and lunge backwards. Work on this sequence for both sides of the body and no one will even know you are a first timer when you go to your first Zumba class.  Testing the waters in something new can be scary, take a friend or colleague with you and laugh about it afterwards. Exercise is supposed to be fun!