Create a Positive Family Culture at Work

In today’s day and age, work is a major priority and frequent location. However, for many there’s a familiar feeling of entering the workplace on Mondays with exhaustion and feeling mentally drained by Fridays. We’re all counting down the hours until home time, ready to escape.

International Day of Families is approaching on May 15th, 2019. It’s an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families. So, how can you implement a family-like culture at work? How can you instill both work and home as rewards? Let’s unpack how a supportive culture leads to productivity.

Culture is a way a group of people think, feel, judge and act. The family often show care, love and support during times of need. They build deep connections with each other to solve problems and achieve common goals. Many workplaces aim to uphold this level of support, but unfortunately there are many negative workplace cultures.

As a manager, it’s essential to create a supportive, learning and accepting culture in the workplace. It’s vital to monitor and maintain a positive company culture. The results will not only be a better environment but an increase in employee motivation.

Here are some practical ways to implement a supportive, positive culture in your workplace:

Establish core values:

Ensure every member of your company understands their importance within the team. Outline the company values and ensure they are upheld. Constant reinforcement ensures that the values remain positive and prevent the culture from turning negative. You can also brainstorm with your team what their core values are, and how to implement this in the company’s culture.

Implement positive rituals:

Create a supportive, family culture by adding fun rituals such as birthday drinks, group meetings and success celebrations. Ask your employees what team activities they’d like to do together, such as any sports activities. It’s essential to keep activities meaningful to develop positive and supportive relationships constantly.

Offer flexible start/finish times:

The ability to work more flexible schedules is regularly at the top of many employees’ wish lists. It’s vital to discuss flexible schedules with your employees to not only care for their wellbeing but establish trust and support in your relationship. Consider offering flex-time, part-time or compressed workweeks options. Giving your workers opportunities to work from home or establish their work hours will help them feel cared for and motivated.

Provide leave arrangements:

It’s crucial that your employees are aware of their leave entitlements. Make sure they have access to paid parental leave or family/carers leave. You can also allow them to purchase leave, allowing them extra time off by reducing their salary. Consider offering unpaid leave during school holidays, to give your staff quality time with their children, family and other loved ones.

Creating a family culture in the workplace increases excitement and happiness levels and in turn, improves productivity. From counting down the hours to home-time to enjoying the time spent at work, you’ll see some significant improvements in your work culture with these simple steps.