Coping With End Of Year Stress

Do you sometimes wish you could experience the holidays as a child again and remove yourself from the end of year stress? We hear you.

The end of year for adults seems to be chock-full of things to do. From tying up loose ends at work to buying gifts, food, and planning events for family. Here are our tips to dial down the stress and settle into the Christmas spirit.

Leave work at work.

Work is wrapping up for most of us so start to wind down your to do list. Refrain from starting something new and instead tick off tasks that complete your year and allow you to switch off the laptop. It’s time to leave work at work and turn your attention to family and friends. That’s what it’s all about!

Slow down when everyone else goes faster.

Be mindful that others are likely feeling similar feelings of stress and the weight of their holiday to-do lists. It’s important to remember this as you interact with strangers, friends, and family. Walk a little slower, drive carefully and breathe deeper when you are out and about. 

Think reflection over reactivity.

Most arguments can be diffused when one party decides to stop reacting. Instead of speaking out of emotion and giving a reflex reaction, take time to reflect.

When a disagreement arises, pause, breathe and think about how to move forward. Avoid speaking from a place of negative emotion, which only creates more of the same. Put yourself in their shoes, when you empathise with those around you it helps to steer clear of arguments and diffuse tension.

 Keep a bigger picture perspective.

If this holiday season isn’t full of cheeriness for you, remember you aren’t the only one. For the 60% of Australians that often feel lonely Christmas can be a difficult time. Whilst others report increased anxiety and stress during this busy period.

Add some purpose to your calendar this year with volunteering or donate to a charity of your choice..

Find gratitude!

No matter what might be going on during the holidays, tap into gratitude for all that you have. Take a moment to write down 3 things you are grateful for each day; small things like a smile from a stranger, a tasty mince pie or even a seat on the train can remind you of how blessed you are.

Gratitude is a humbling and positive emotion that will help carry you through any holiday related stress.

Don’t forget your mindfulness techniques.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, mindfulness meditations will bring you calm and clarity during the holidays. Take time out of each day to breathe and connect with yourself.