Control Your Temper Before You Lose It!

Do you find yourself shouting at the traffic, cursing in the queue for your shopping and generally losing your temper at the slightest thing? Then we have the perfect solutions for keeping your cool.

Here are some fast and effective techniques that you can try;

  • Count to 10: Yes really. This method of counting to 10 in your head can detract from the situation and help to defuse those feelings.


  • Changing the way you think: When you find yourself thinking about the things that make you angry, stop and re-frame your thoughts. Don’t try to make everything into a catastrophe. Repeating a mantra may help you to stay calm for example “stay calm, it’s okay”.


  • Relaxation techniques: Breathing exercises are a common strategy for reducing tension. Firstly, get into a comfortable position. Taking a deep breath through your nose into the back of the ribs and out through the mouth. Imagine your abdomen is inflating with air like a balloon then as you exhale, imagine the air is escaping the balloon slowly. Repeat this exercise five times relaxing the shoulders and allowing the tension to fall is an effective way of calming down in an instant.


  • Go for a walk: Using your energy that is built up through aggression, go for a nice brisk walk away from the situation and give yourself some thinking space. This could be done during your lunch break or going to the gym after work you’ll feel healthier, sleep better and due to the endorphins you release through exercise you will feel much happier.

  • Using your senses: When you feel angry tune into your senses for example hearing- play some calming music or tune into any sounds around you. Taste-you may reach for a cup of herbal tea and savour the flavour. Touch-using a stress ball is a good way to release the tension in your hands.


  • Inject some humour: Sharing a joke after a tantrum is a flag to let people know you are ready to talk. Everybody gets angry once in a while.

  • Ramp up your productivity through rage: When you’re about to lose it completely turn that rage into motivation to get work done. Channelling anger is a helpful way to cope with it, you could always start a new hobby or sport and use this as a way to let out your pent up aggression.

We all get angry from time to time and it can a useful emotion that helps you to stand up for yourself or others. The goal is to feel in control of your emotions, not controlled by your emotions.