Connect Your Body and Mind

Do you find that you are always in your head? When you should be working out or practising yoga, you simply cannot focus or switch off from your lingering thoughts, worries and stresses? If so it is time to connect your body and mind for improved focus.

When it is time to focus on other things, such as moving through a pose, focusing on your breathing or simply not dropping the weights in the gym, it is super important to be able to do just that, focus.

Remove the clouds of thoughts and worries and watch them blow away in the wind with these simple techniques:

  1. Colour focus: Connect the body and mind through a colour flow. Pick a colour and watch it fill up your head, shoulders, arms, torso, pelvis, legs, feet and finally envisage your entire body as that colour. Your mind will feel clearer and your focus will lie on the colour of your body. Subconsciously your mind has switched its focus to your body.

  2. Floating clouds: Recognise, acknowledge and place your thoughts on an imaginary cloud and blow them into the distance. Bring the focus from your thoughts to you breath and back again, continuing the process.

  3. Squeeze and release: Start at the forehead and tense your facial muscles, then release. Notice the difference in how your body and mind feel after this. Repeat as you down down into different parts of the body, finishing with the toes.

Learning to bridge the gap between body and mind is very important for us to take a more holistic look at our wellbeing and better care for ourselves.