Colour Your Workspace

Wall colour is much more than a personal choice in the workplace as bringing certain colours into the space can actually benefit both your employees and business, if chosen well. Research into the impact of colours on mood and output show that bright colours increase positivity, productivity and general mood of staff, whilst grey can induce feelings of sadness and depression. 

If you think that a sterile, white work space equals increased performance and focus then think again, as a study by The University of Texas found that a red office space was more conducive to work than a white one. Staff actually made less errors when working in a red environment even though they thought the colour was distracting. It seemed that white provided less stimulation for the brain and so more errors were encountered. Interesting!

If going all red  at work is taking things a step too far, try bringing in a vibrant mix of colours that spark creativity and a positive vibe. Here is the lowdown on what to choose:

Green: This vibrant colour is said to enhance productivity, while giving people the notion that nature is around them.

Red: If you have a very specific or details project in mind, conjure feelings of attention to detail by bringing some red colours and tones into the office.

Blue: Is said to bring about feelings of calm, serenity and oceanic vibes. These all allow creativity to soar in the brain and bring about new and innovative ideas.

Yellow: This sunny hue is said to increase confidence and sense of optimism. Without overloading the space with yellow, this colour can prove to be beneficial in important decision making.

Purple: With deep connections to royalty, high quality and professionalism, adding purple to the office can create good first impressions on new clients to enter the office. Purple means quality and quality is what you want to push in your space.

To bring a pop of colour into the office we recommend:

  • Finding a balance of all the colours in different spaces and through different mediums. Try plants, artwork, removable posters and vases.

  • Changing your décor regularly enough to avoid boredom and lack of stimulation.

  • Staying minimal as colour should not be overwhelming, try little splashes here and there. Create colour blocks instead of large areas of one colour. 

  • Avoiding patterns to keep the focus on work.