Choose Your Tribe: Good Vibes Only

We are designed to co-exist. Forming complex social relationships allows us to feel valuable, loved, and supported in our growth. Yet sometimes relationships can do quite the opposite.

Negative people can leave us feeling depleted and insecure. A few hours with that friend who always complains or that boss who walks around in a huff, is enough to prove this. Sometimes, even just being in a room with someone with whom we don’t mesh can cramp our vibe.

It turns out, there might just be some science to back up the good and bad “vibes” we get from others. Biofield science is a growing area of study which seeks to explain the scientifically identified “information and energy field” that emanates from and regulates living organisms.

In simple terms, all living beings give off what is sometimes called an “electromagnetic” field. It’s been shown that these fields can be influenced by others, particularly during what complementary medicine calls energetic healing.

Surrounding ourselves with upbeat people has always been an obvious choice, but this type of research could take the concept to a whole new level.

Are you surrounded by people who add positivity to your life, or by those that drag you down?

Here’s some food for thought to help you answer that question. 

Are they positive?

There are situations in which letting off steam is entirely appropriate. Yet if the centre of every conversation is a complaint—that’s a different story. The more time you spend focusing on negative events and feelings, the more down you’ll feel. Find a friend who helps you see the silver lining and exercises compassion towards others. Then you can be sure that they will do the same for you.

Do they make you feel heard?

In a world of short attention spans, it can be hard to find someone who really gives you 100%, all of the time. However, a good relationship should make you feel like you’re being listened to. Pay attention to active listening cues such as eye contact, nodding, and sounds of acknowledgment. Those who listen well will be more likely to give you valuable advice.

Do they go with the flow?

Sometimes personal growth comes in the form of difficult situations and transitions in life. The people that stick with you during these times—even if you come out the other side a changed person—are the ones that you want to keep around.

Do their actions match their words?

It’s easy to say things like “I’m so happy for you” and “I got your back.” It’s another ball game when they have to step up to the plate. Do their facial expressions and body language match their words? Are they supportive when you need them and they aren’t receiving something in return?

We are inevitably going to cross paths with the negatively inclined, but we can choose to let only the positive people stick around. The more positive your circle is, the happier you’ll be!