Chiropractic Help For A Healthier Spine

Attending regular appointments with a chiropractor can be a great way to treat back, neck and other pain you may be experiencing. It is a wonderful service to complement training or working out as well as dealing with injuries, ailments and complaints you may have in your body.

A study conducted in 2007 showed that there were many more benefits than not when it came to patients who partook in chiropractic health. In-fact, half of the 529 patients that were studied had experienced recovery after just 4 sessions and 2/3 reported that within 3-12 months time they had recovered.

Chiropractors are well known for their ability to improve spinal and pelvis health as well as improve overall alignment. If you are a little worried about what you may experience in your initial appointment, there is nothing to fear! Most chiropractors will book an initial consultation with you where they will discuss issues you are having and treatment options before any action is taken.

Not all chiropractors are about cracking! This is really important to understand and depending on what you ailment is, a professional chiropractor should treat you individually, not the same for everyone. You can refuse cracking of the back and other areas if you do not like this type of treatment, there are often many other ways to treat the issue you are having.

5 benefits of chiropractors:

  1. Prevent injury through improved movement, mobility, posture and alignment

  2. Improve spinal and pelvis health

  3. They can work alongside any other treatments or training you may be partaking in

  4. Improve and assist with recovery from injuries and training

  5. Can improve your posture and overall stance and structure in the neck, spine when at work and flow through to all areas of life

Here are some exercises for the much forgotten upper back pain:

  1. Spinal wave: Standing straight with you feet hip distance apart, reach your arms up to the sky as you look up between the hands. Inhale, then exhale as you gently fold at the hips and roll all the way down the spine so that your hands graze the floor. Inhale as you roll all the way up slowly, one vertebrae at a time. Repeat as many times as desired.

  2. Baby cobra: Lying flat on your stomach, place the wrists under the shoulders with the hands wide and firm on the floor. Squeeze the elbows towards the sides of your body as your lift a few centimetres off the floor, chin slightly elevated, opening in the chest and stretching the upper back muscles. Release back to the floor and rest, then repeat. 

  3. Glute bridge: On your back, place the feet hip distance apart and ensure you can graze the back of your ankles with the tips of your fingers. Flatten the back into the floor then as you inhale lift and rise with the hips towards the sky. Squeeze and activate the glute muscles as you hold for 3 deep breaths. Slowly lower back down to flat back one vertebrae at a time.

Find a chiropractor near you and book a consultation if you are struggling with  back, spine, pelvic or alignment issues.