Chair Yoga - What Is It?

Chair Yoga: It is the forefront of workplace fitness solutions.

The best part, chair yoga is for everyone and anyone. Floor free yoga poses that challenge your body without leaving your chair.

If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time chair yoga is perfect for you and your workplace.

Gather some chairs, sit down and get ready to start stretching out the spine, creating movement and practising some mindfulness.

For the best results chairs without handles are preferred and without wheels. Give these 'chair asanas' a go and see where it challenges you, body, mind, both?

  1. Breathing from the belly. Place a hand on the belly and inhale, your belly should fill and push your hand away from you. As you exhale your belly should shrink in towards your spine, feel the active breath.

  2. Cross the wrists in front of the body and open up as you raise your hands to the sky with a sweeping motion. Let the arms flow down and back to the staring position.

  3. Cactus arms: Raise your arms up and out to the sides like wings, bend at the elbows and shoot your fingers towards the sky, inhale and pull your arms back behind you, squeezing your shoulder blades, then release fold over the body.

  4. Peaceful warrior: Seated to the side of your chair in sitting mountain pose, step your outer leg backwards and extend behind you or keep the knee bent at 90 degrees if this feels better for you. once the hips are stable and facing forwards you can lift and raise the arms above the head, extending high and keeping your gaze where the ceiling meets the wall.

  5. Finish with tree pose: Place your foot on-top of your thigh (above, not on the knee) and open out the arms into your branches, sway gently in the wind.

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