Celebrate Your Goals Success

Whatever we want to change or achieve, success lies at the heart of getting there. As many life coaches will tell you, a large part of success is about your state of mind, and a “success” mindset requires cultivation. Take the time to reflect as the year comes to an end and ensure you give yourself the pat on the back you deserve.

All too often, this side of goal setting goes unnoticed. We tend to focus on what’s not working and forget to recognise what has been achieved. But recognition is just the first step. Doing something positive to signify that recognition – i.e. celebrating – sparks the reward circuity of our brains, releasing feel-good chemicals that fuel our desire to reach the next goal.

Here’s why:

  • A success mindset leads to more success: We’ve discussed techniques like affirmations and visualisation in this goal setting series, and celebrating success is another tool that builds self-belief and a success attitude. Don’t underestimate a success mindset; when you celebrate your successes, you start to see yourself as someone who is successful, rather than someone who is trying to be successful.

  • We are motivated by our success: Failing to stay motivated is one of the top cited reasons for not reaching our goals. Celebrating small wins on the way to big success can have a cumulative effect leading to that magic push of momentum. This feeling can give you the confidence and energy to move onto the next milestone.

  • It feels good: We’re on this goal setting road to feel good, right? Whether it’s wanting to get fit, write a novel, fall in love or make more money, we’re driven to make changes in our lives because we want to be happier and feel good. So take every opportunity to celebrate your success and feel good about it!

  • It’s addictive: There’s a reason it feels good when we celebrate success and it’s to do with the neuro-happy chemicals in our brain. When we achieve something, the feel-good hormone dopamine is released into our brain, and if you know anything about dopamine, you know it’s addictive. In other words, once we’ve had some of it, we want to chase for more. 

  • It encourages others: Celebrating success is about more than just yourself, it also gives others the chance to be motivated by your success. And much like the importance of self-love before loving others, you must recognise your own success if you want other people to as well.

Here’s how:

  1. Focus on what you’ve accomplished, rather than a long overwhelming list of what you’ve still got to do.

  2. Give yourself as many opportunities to be successful as you can: break your goals down into milestones, actions, and trigger actions, each give you the chance to mark up a success and reinforce the changes you’re making.

  3. Tell yourself ‘I am successful’ or ‘I can succeed because I’ve succeeded before’ to build up your self-belief and success attitude.

  4. Don’t downplay your success or put them down to luck, you deserve to celebrate and be proud of yourself.

  5. Reward yourself with something pleasurable to motivate and inspire yourself onto the next stage of your goal.

  6. Record your celebration, via pictures, tickets or in a journal, as proof that you’re capable of achieving success. These recaptured feelings could be enough to overcome any current obstacles you’re facing.

  7. Celebration ideas: a nice dinner out, a move or theatre production, a ‘home spa’ night complete with magazines and candles, a shopping trip, a weekend unplugged, or anything that makes you feel good!

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