Care For Your Body This Christmas/New Year

Christmas is almost here! And after Christmas we tend to get carried away with what we eat, drink and forget to exercise.

Christmas day is a great celebration filled with family friends, fun and presents, but don’t forget to be mindful!

Eating or drinking yourself into a food coma is never a good experience and it leaves us feeling off for a few days, unable to enjoy ourselves as much as we would like.

Take care of your body over the Christmas and new year period with our top 5 tips:

  1. Drink water between every other beverage. This will allow you to remain hydrated, avoid headaches and prevent drinking too many sugary beverages which leave us bloated and lethargic, not to mention the negative effects that alcohol has on the body. Enjoy a few drinks in good company but be responsible and know your limits.

  2. Think about trying to eat as normal as possible over Christmas. On the big day itself don’t restrict yourself or feel bad for indulging a little, but know that this is one day out of the year. Enjoy it, just don’t let it carry on into the days to come. Stick to breakfast, lunch and dinner and remember to snack on healthy and nutrient dense foods like fruit and vegetables, not sugar cookies!

  3. Encourage others to be healthier this Christmas by making large, fresh and seasonal salads. Load them up with beetroot, roasted nuts, pumpkin, spinach and feta cheese! Bring healthy alternatives along to parties like Kombucha if you have to drive or don’t want a huge hangover. Kombucha looks great in a champagne glass or straight out of the bottle like a cider.

  4. Allow time for digestion before you reach for second helpings. The buffet of food available is always super enticing but we leave ourselves falling asleep in our chairs before we even make it to dessert because we pile on the seconds and thirds too fast.

  5. Remember that leftovers will keep for quite some time! Freeze cooked meats in portions and roasted veggies too. Salads are best eaten the day or two after made and desserts can be shared out among family members to share around the sugar overload.

Enjoy your Christmas Day and New Year celebrations, WorkScore is looking forward to starting 2019 with a bang!