Can Music Improve Productivity?

Music stimulates our thoughts, improves our mood and provides the words and melodies that tell the story of our lives. Be it classical, rock or pop, it has the power to get us going.

But what about music at work? Is it a distraction or a productivity driver? We think the latter. Here are three reasons why music can tune-up productivity:

Music affects mood

One study found listening to music led to better ideas and completing tasks faster because the participants’ mood lifted when they listened to music they enjoy. This makes sense as what may be a ‘feel-good’ tune for one, won’t be for another.

So, break out your productivity playlist and enjoy improved work results. Also, be mindful your music isn’t distracting your co-workers (if in doubt, slap some headphones on).

Music sets the scene

There’s a reason films have a soundtrack. Think of the bathroom scene in Psycho: the music really made it. Our working day is the same. Researchers at Cornell University found playing upbeat music at work both increased teamwork and improved group decision-making. That means if you need to slow down in a work task, listen to slower paced music or if you need to power through work, them up-tempo tunes are best. Match the music to the job and enjoy improved results!

Music benefits the body

Did you know that in Chinese, the character for music is part of the symbol for medicine? That’s because music and healing go hand in hand. Researchers have long observed that music can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and even decrease pain. All the more reason to crank out those tunes at work— it leads to better wellbeing!

The master, Beethoven, once likened music to an unseen entrance into higher knowledge. Keep those tunes playing, and you too can enter a state where your mood improves, your work gets better, and your body feels great!