Cable Machine Workout

Stuck with what to do in your next workout? Put down the dumbbells and use the cable machine for a great and challenging workout.

1. Cable crunches: set the sable to standing shoulder height, use the rope attachment and kneel down on the floor. With the rope above your head in both hands start looking forward then lower down as you crunch forwards and down to the floor. Repeat X 20 reps 5 sets.

2. Cable Lateral raises: with your cable lowered to just below shin height, grab onto the end of the cable (no attachment needed) with your right hand ( the cable should cross your body). Keep your arm straight as your lift to shoulder height then slowly lower down. Repeat 10 times each side 4 sets.

3. Romanian deadlifts: using the rope attachment lowered to the lowest point, grab on and with your feet hip distance apart, stand about 1m away from the machine, pull up and squeeze your glutes. Feel your hammies come into the movement as you move through the reps. 10x 4 sets.

4. Hammer curls: keeping the rope attachment in the same position as above, grab on with neutral grip , thumbs up. Elbows locked into your sides raise up into a curl towards your shoulders. Hinge at the elbow and then slowly lower back down with control. Repeat 8x 4 sets.

5. Chest flys: use two cables close to one another and attach the handles to each side. The cables should be set to above shoulder height. Take a split stance, brace your core muscles and then bring both arms to the centre, squeezing your chest at the top of the movement. Open the arms back up slowly with slightly bent elbows. Repeat 10x 4 sets.

Enjoy the benefits of constant time under tension and resistance with this cable workout!