Burn Calories Without Exercise

Now, these are not miracle weight loss solutions that require zero effort. We’re looking at ways you can burn calories just by doing everyday things—no effort required.

While we think nothing beats regular exercise, sometimes you just want to take things easy. So, on top of your daily physical activities, what other ways can you burn calories without exercise?

Here are five simple ways:

Fidgeting One way to burn 350 calories per day is something you might already be doing. Fidgeting. Yes, whether it’s tapping your foot, twirling a pen or (dare I say!) playing with a fidget spinner. These actions expend energy, and that calorie burn adds up.

Standing While the difference between calories burned while standing isn’t as dramatic as some claim, it’s still much better than sitting. One report equates six hours of standing to burning the calorie equivalent of 13 M&Ms or 18 small red grapes a day. Again, like fidgeting, it doesn’t sound like much, but it accumulates over time.

Housework Heat up the iron and get your cleaning gloves on because housework is a great way to shed calories. Although not as passive as the other items on this list, chores are unavoidable. But, it doesn’t require additional time in your schedule, and you’ll get two things done at once. Next time you’re cleaning the bath, add some extra force when you scrub!

Hot bath Here’s where things get interesting—calorie burn without much movement. The first option is a hot bath. Our bodies expend a lot of energy maintaining our temperature. So, a hot soak isn’t just great for relation and silky soft skin—it’s also fantastic for passively burning calories.

It’s a great option too for people who may be physically impaired and can’t take on prolonged aerobic activity.

Sleeping The ultimate way to passively burn calories is to sleep. How does that work? With less sleep, your body burns calories at a slower rate to conserve energy. A study revealed, people who slept three more hours on average burned 400 more calories a night. So, don’t deprive yourself of some shut-eye, it’s making you healthier in ways you never realised.

The bottom line is, there’s no alternative to exercise. But, it doesn’t hurt to give your calorie burn a slight boost by losing some without even trying!