Building Your Body's Tribe

WorkScore's WellHub is an easy to use, cover-all-the-basics resource for those curious about, or already passionate about, the elements of wellbeing. We hope it informs, sparks interest and inspires you to be conscious of your overall health.

Sometimes it’s nice to have face-to-face support too. Because, let’s face it, we can’t reach through the screen and rub your shoulders when you’re stressed!

Let’s talk about choosing a tribe of supportive experts that are there to give you a hand in real life, when you need it.

General Health Care

These are the people you see for basic and primary care. Whether it’s a traditional GP or holistic practitioner, dentist or eye doc, find a care provider who really listens and isn’t heavy-handed with antibiotics and supplements. Don’t feel intimidated to ask questions and do your own research if something doesn’t feel right.

Dietary Advice

Sometimes we get into a bad eating slump and might struggle to get out of it. A nutritionist, dietician or lifestyle practitioner may help you sort out an eating plan to re-inspire you to eat well. Find one that is up on all the latest evidence-based nutrition and is regularly continuing their education.

Fitness Guru

We’re sure, by now, that everyone is aware of how important regular activity and exercise is to our health. But it’s an area many of us need motivation to succeed in. If you have an actively-inclined buddy to exercise, walk, or run with, that’s great! If not, intermittent work with a personal trainer or taking group classes such as yoga or aerobics is a great way to support your fitness regime.


Maintaining the health of your muscles and joints goes a long way to how comfortable you feel in your body. If you’re sitting often, experience stress, have chronic pain or regularly exercise, consider a monthly tune-up. Chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists are handy—and usually come with online reviews to suss out.

Mental health

A friend, partner, or family member may be sufficient to feel supported mentally and emotionally. But it’s also OK to find a counsellor who can listen and advise if necessary. Don’t feel pressured to see one regularly. You may just need to let off some steam during a difficult time, and that’s OK too. 

Finally, remember that this isn’t about giving away your responsibility. It’s always going to be up to you to take control of your health journey, but you certainly don’t have to walk the path alone.