Break It Down: Shoulders And Back Day

Breaking down your weekly workouts into body parts is one of the most beneficial ways of gaining better results, especially if your goal is to gain muscle (lean or bulk).

Don't forget that with every new training scheme you put into place you need to have the proper nutrition to accompany it. If you are looking to bulk up in muscle you will need to eat a calorie surplus and if you are looking to stay lean/gain lean muscle you will need to be eating the same amount of calories that you burn or a few less if you want to lose weight too.

Warm up:

Resistance band pulls/twists

Torso rotation

Push ups

Shrugs - Using 2 weight plates held by your sides or a loaded barbell from the squat rack. Start at hip height and with straight arms, complete a shrugging motion (pretend you are saying that you don't know where something is). Squeeze and activate the trapezius muscles at the top of your shoulders (they connect to your neck) and feel a pulling sensation as you slowly, with control, release the bar back down to the starting position. Repeat for 5 reps 5 sets.

The following 10 exercises should be completed with dumbbells or barbells. 

  1. Standing shoulder press

  2. Single arm landmine press

  3. Internal and external rotation

  4. Super set lateral and front raises

  5. Arnold press

  6. Single arm Db snatch

  7. Cable rows

  8. Lat pull-down

  9. Reverse flys

  10. Bent over rows

Focus on paying attention the shoulders and back muscles to gain a better idea of where each exercise is working. Let us know if you try this workout or tag us on instagram @workscore, we love to see what you get up to in the gym!