Boost Productivity While Working From Home

Working from home can sound like a dream. While zero commuting and flexibility over your schedule are both excellent, working from home has its challenges. In particular, it can be easy to become unproductive and distracted.

With the fridge, a cosy bed and the TV all just a few steps away, it’s essential to keep your productivity levels high by avoiding the distractions. Steer clear of these pitfalls if you want to stay productive while working from home:

  1. Don’t make the couch your office. According to Virginia Ginsburg, owner of Swell Strategies, creating separation between work and personal space is key to being productive at home. Establish your workspace and try to not bring it into your time with family or areas where you can enjoy leisure. Keep all business documents strictly in your workspace or, if you can, keep your work number separate from your personal phone number. It’s important to identify how you can separate the two spaces and what this looks like for you.

  2. Don’t play your schedule by ear. Working from home can sometimes interrupt your flow of productivity. It can be tempting to fit other activities into your work routine and lose track of time spent on unimportant tasks (like watching your favourite Netflix show or cat videos on YouTube). Make a daily schedule to help avoid distractions. Use a spreadsheet, planning tools or your calendar to allocate important work tasks into your routine and stick to the plan. Following your schedule can help you feel focused and motivated.

  3. Don’t clutter your workspace. Operating in a messy workspace can affect your mental state and productivity. Expect lethargy and crankiness if you continuously work in a messy environment. Clean up your workspace and get rid of distracting material. Keep the bare essentials around your workspace. You can also keep a plant nearby or motivational reminders to help you focus. Cleanliness lifts productivity.

  4. Don’t activate ‘holiday mode’. Just because you get to avoid the commute doesn’t mean you get a free pass to lazy town! Remember, you’re working from home, so start your day accordingly: set the alarm, have a healthy breakfast and get dressed. Sleeping in and staying in sleeping clothes simply don’t send your body and mind the right message about your day’s activities.

  5. Don’t stay inactive and indoors. An excellent way to stay productive is to keep active. Don’t be afraid to schedule a walking break or go for a quick run to give yourself an energy boost. It’s vital to soak up some Vitamin D and get in some exercise even when based in the home office. Besides, no one is 100 per cent productive all the time. So, take your lunch breaks – but don’t be tempted to take them for too long!

Apply these simple guidelines, and your productivity levels can start to improve. Remember, be flexible and know your strengths and weaknesses. It’s not too late to find productivity while working from home.