Better Workplace Health On A Budget

Health is wealth. But sometimes we mistakenly think that means we need to spend a lot of money to improve workplace wellness. What if you’re a small to medium-sized business or a large company going through tough times? Can you still afford better employee wellbeing?

It’s an investment worth making because healthy employees are more productive and drive better business results. And employers agree. With a study reporting, 93 percent of small business owners believe employee wellbeing is critical to success.

Thankfully, wellness doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are five simple ways to improve wellbeing without blowing your budget:

Better fuel: Help employees make better food choices. Swap foods you stock, like sugary cereals for muesli, chocolate bars for nuts and sugary soft drinks for herbal teas. Save money and calories by not over-catering during employee functions and also, opt for the healthier choices. Most caterers provide affordable menu items that are fitness-friendly.

Also, give employees the option to bring in healthier, home-made food. Keep kitchens, microwaves and fridges clean and stock crockery and cutlery too.

More fitness: Get your desk-based workers moving throughout the day. Organise walking meetings, encourage the use of stairs or implement a ‘no email’ day (if possible) to get your people moving around the office. Simple, affordable and a great way to interact with colleagues!

Less stress: De-stress on a budget? Nope, stress balls aren’t the answer. Try running time and stress management workshops and setting aside quiet rooms. You can also inform your workers where the nearest ‘green space’ is (it might be a park, oval or garden) for de-stressing close to nature.

Healthy mindset: Don’t ever let budget stop you from providing a mentally healthy workplace. Reduce the stigma around mental ill-health by raising awareness of common conditions such as anxiety and depression. There’s a wealth of free guides, information sheets and other resources from organisations like beyondblue and the Black Dog Institute.

Enough rest: Sleep is essential for healthy brain function and physical wellness. Don’t underestimate the effect of expecting round-the-clock availability has on the quality of your workers’ sleep. Where possible, allow flexibility, let employees choose shifts which best suit them and encourage employees to switch off from work emails and calls at night. Or go one step further and follow the lead of Patagonia way who shut their offices down at 8 pm?

With these five tips, you can say ‘no money, no problem’ when it comes to a healthier, happier workplace.