Best Free Resources for Promoting an Active Workplace

Physical activity is vital for your health and wellbeing. Yet, over half of Australian adults don’t get their recommended 30 minutes a day of physical activity.

Many of us spend most of our day sitting at work, so getting your recommended 30 minutes of exercise is important. The added benefits of physical activity include increased cardiovascular health improvements, preventing diabetes and relieving stress.

Exercise or physical activity doesn’t need to be completed in one 30 minute block. They can be completed throughout your day when it suits you. At WorkScore, we care about your physical health and wellbeing and want to help you promote an active workplace.

It can be hard deciding which activities suit your organisation’s culture or needs. There are also financial factors to consider. After all, not every organisation can afford gym memberships for everyone. But that’s the beauty of exercise - it can be free!

So, we found the best free resources to help you promote an active workplace.

  1. Commence a walking challenge using the 10,000 Steps program: 10,000 Steps is run by CQUniversity Australia and aims to help Australians increase their physical activity. You can sign up and challenge your workmates. Plus, there’s also an iOS and Android app where you can log your steps and view your step statistics.

  2. Start a workplace team to participate in organised sports activities and/or events: If your team likes to get a little more competitive, you can also initiate a workplace sports team. Whether you want to start a soccer team or an oz-tag team, you can choose what sports activities best suit your organisation’s culture and time. Find a local park to get started or find other teams that are playing.

  3. Indoor office game ideas: Not all activities need to be outdoors, try some indoor games to get people up and moving. We recommend water bottle bowling where employees attempt to knock over empty water bottles with a ball, or paper aeroplane flying, or ask someone to bring in their Wii for some tennis or cricket

Of course, if your organisation has a larger budget, don’t be afraid to jump out of the box. There are plenty of other resources that can help promote an active workplace. Some organisations regularly hire fitness coaches or teachers to come into their office and focus on their physical health and wellbeing. Whatever method you decide, taking care of your health and wellbeing is vital.

Make the bold decision today to nurture and look after your physical health. By introducing these activities in your workplace, you’re one step closer to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

WorkScore’s wellbeing experts can help you establish effective workplace health programs and activities. If you’d like to boost business performance by improving employee wellbeing, contact us on 1300 972 673 or email [email protected]