Benefits Of Martial Arts

Feed your body and mind in the form of an old and well known, but exciting class you can take on as part of you workout schedule.

Martial arts is an ancient form of fighting or defence. In recent years there has been a significant uptake in the art, especially among young people.

The benefits:

In this particular study, a range of benefits were found;

  • Increase in psychological health through relaxation, self-esteem and mind body coordination.

  • The ability to manager anger better, which has been shown to significantly assist young people who are high risk of anger issues.

  • Sense of wellbeing is enhanced.

  • This results in decreased levels of depression and sleep disruption.

  • It is also a great add on with any psychotherapy treatment which has been shown to help breast cancer survivors increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Despite initial thoughts, most martial arts are actually safer than most sports like soccer, football and wrestling. This is the case because of the controlled conditions and accurate instructions provided by instructors.

"Traditional martial arts practice usually incorporates an element of meditation and breath control, and takes place in an environment of discipline, self-respect, and courtesy to others". (According to Woodward MD)

Here are a few types of Martial Arts to try. One class a week may be the missing link you need in your health and fitness regime.

Taekwondo: Named according to its art form: Tae  (foot), Kwon  (hand), Do  (art). One of the most ancient forms of martial arts and classes can be found in most major cities. 

Aikido: A great full body workout that includes constant movement. It is also a great way to learn how to control aggression without violence. 

Kung fu: A classic that most of us have heard about. It is much more than being a ninja though, Kung Fu is a very intense art with one on one combat and fighting. Try your hand (and other body parts) at a Kung Fu class where flow and circular movements are key.