Benefits Of A Social Media Cleanse

How much time do we spend really living our lives? When you hear the statistics on social media use, you may be left pondering the answer to this question.

A 2018 survey on social media use in Australia found that 79% of Aussies use some form of social media and 35% of users interact with their accounts 5 times or more per day. Our favourite times to hop online are in the evening (71%), first thing when we wake up (57%), and at lunchtime (47%).

That’s right: those precious times of day that aren’t occupied by our jobs, are heavily occupied by our social media accounts. So how much time does this leave for being present in our lives? Perhaps, that’s a question we should take seriously.

First lets look at why we are all scrolling. Scrolling and notifications set off the pleasure centres in our brain and release that feel-good chemical we’ve all heard about--dopamine. In short it makes us feel good.

However, there is a down side as it is widely report that social media can have a negative impact on mental health. It can make us depressed and unhappy and can lower our self esteem.

The good news is that reducing social media use can lead to less depression and loneliness. A study of university students, found a decrease in depression and loneliness in just three weeks when they spent 30 minutes or less a day on social media.

Imagine then the results of a break from scrolling and socials. What could a social media cleanse do for you?


How social is social media really making us?

Stop the comparison. Bring on the gratitude.

Social media showcases the best of someone’s life. Most of us know this, yet we still compare our every day with someone’s highlight reel. That's like comparing home videos with block buster hits. And that’s not a fair match.

Taking a break from this reflex comparison will give you the space to cultivate gratitude for your own life--you know, the only one you’ve got!

Invest in real relationships.

Did you know that 19% of social media users don’t mind checking in online while sharing meals with others? This may not surprise you if you’ve glanced around cafes and restaurants recently. If we can no longer enjoy conversations with those right in front of us, how social is social media really making us?

Not very. It’s time to put the phone away and cultivate meaningful face-to-face interactions.

Take your time back.

It’s not unusual for those taking a break from social media to report having more productive time in their day. If you’re complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day for that to-do list and relaxing before bed, take a closer look at how much screen time you’re getting!

The hardest part is breaking that pick-up-your-phone-to-scroll habit. A few days scrolling free, and it will not only get easier, but you might just see a whole new world. Give it a shot this week and see how good it feels!