Beet It: The Benefits Of Beetroot

Aussies are well known for their beetroot on burgers obsession, which started in the 1940's when tinned vegetables became a 'thing'. The obsession has since spread and beetroots can be found in salads, juices and even cake.

Good news for beetroot lovers, new research is being conducted that suggests beetroots may have much more to offer than their beautiful red colour stains and flavour.

Scientists at The Hunter Medical Research Institute in Newcastle are putting this root vegetable to the test, in the hope that their studies show beetroot will "increase exercise capacity", and may even help to slow down the Australian obesity epidemic. And its all to do with the huge amount of Nitrate found in Beetroots.

Nitrate plays an important role in cardiovascular health, by allowing metabolic functions to be enhanced and improves the flow of blood around the body. It also improves oxygen intake into the muscles. The thinking is that consuming beetroot every day will help people to exercise for longer and improve exercise results, which will lead to greater weight loss. 

Plus the consumption of more natural products will help people make healthier lifestyle choices in the future and maintain their new found weight-loss. 

How to include more beets in your diet:

  • Juice! Within the study, they are using pure beetroot juice, but by adding it to any cold pressed juice during your week, you will be able to increase your intake of nitrate.
  • Freeze and add to smoothies or soups for a rich and gorgeous colour.
  • Add to cakes in puree form, not only does it look amazing but you will barely taste it if it is hiding inside a beautiful raw chocolate muffin.
  • Add to your hummus, when making hummus add in 2-3 whole cooked beets (peeled) then process in your food processor. The vibrant hues will have the whole family dipping for more.