Beat The Cold: Workplace Wellness In Winter

The worst season for our health has descended upon us—it’s winter.

For many employers, it’s also a tricky time to manage sick leave. While you might expect more people to stay home, increasing workloads mean many people continue to come to work even when unwell. It’s no good for everyone’s health, and neither is it for productivity since we don’t necessarily do our best while nursing a cold.

Nobody denies the need to let the sick stay home and get better, but how else do we stop the healthy from falling ill? After all, a healthy workplace is a productive one. So, how do you protect workplace health and safety during the colder months? We’ve got five hot tips:

Washing hands

The most apparent solution also makes the biggest impact. Hand washing prevents the spread of viruses, such as the flu, and bacteria.

Make proper hand washing equipment available in kitchens and restrooms. You can also place hand sanitisers near doors, lifts and other common areas. Distribute proper hand washing guides to your staff. Here’s a handy one you can use.

Cleaning desk equipment

Did you know the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? So, all your hand washing would go to waste if you don’t encourage your employees to clean their desk equipment.

Don’t just dust, disinfect! Give computers, keyboards and phones a thorough clean. Switch off your equipment and use an antibacterial cleaning solution on a damp cotton swab or cloth to clean in between keys, your phone’s receiver and your mouse.

Heating the workplace safely

Winter wellness isn’t just about health—it’s also about safety. Because we’re cranking up the heaters at work, it’s essential to get equipment checked. Many fires break out during winter due to poorly maintained heaters.

Get heating systems and filters cleaned. While you’re at it, get a qualified professional to check your smoke detectors and alarms too.

  Moving regularly Yes, winter freezes our motivation to move. But don’t forget, exercise not only warms the body but also makes us feel good. Besides, research found those who regularly exercise are up to 50 percent less susceptible to the common cold.

Preventing incidents

Cold weather brings more moisture and the risk of slips, falls, and similar incidents. These often lead to severe injuries but are caused by preventable environmental factors. So, do a thorough check of how changes in the weather affect your workspaces.

Remember to look after employees who work outdoors. Try to limit the time they spend in the cold and provide them with work uniforms that keep them warm.

Follow these five steps for a happy and healthy winter workplace!