An End of Year Reflection

Friends, family, fireworks, singing, and resolutions…

Are you ready to leave 2018 behind, taking only the good stuff with you? We certainly hope so!

Though every morning throughout the year is an opportunity for a new start, the first of January always feels special. It’s a great opportunity for people around the world to collectively tune into themselves, think about the year that has passed, and set intentions for the one about to arrive.

Whether you’re feeling sentimental, ambivalent, or super excited, consider using this approach to connect with yourself before the clock strikes twelve. Find a few moments of peace to write these down or think them over.


What good and not-so-good things have happened this year?

Jot down your victories, your challenges, your blessings, along with new and continuing relationships. This is a great way to take stock of the landscape of your life and the people in it.


How did these events/relationships make you feel? Did you handle them well, or could you have done better?

Once you have a list of all the milestones and events in your life from 2018, it’s time to reflect on them. As you reflect, notice any emotions that arise and be honest about how you felt.


What lessons did you and can you learn from what you've written down?

If you noticed any personal pitfalls, think about how you might improve on them. If you discovered any new strengths, plan on how to build on these next year.  Use this opportunity to set some intentions on how you would like to feel, think, and act in 2019.

Lessons are key to making a good road-map to success.


As we spend time looking at the past and planning for the future, remember to honour the present moment.

Will you be enjoying good food and good company this New Year’s Eve?

While you’re celebrating, watch and listen attentively to everyone around you. Savour the company of others while you all rejoice after another year of growth and the endless opportunities that lie ahead.

Now the real question: Are you ready to embrace 2019 with an open heart and mind?

Happy New Year from the team at Workscore!

Thank you for coming along with us as we all learn how to be happier, healthier, and successful in many ways. See you next year!