Reasons to Smile Today

A smile is contagious, you can catch it like the the poem goes.

Smiling makes everyone around you feel better, a smile can change a mood in a moment and disarm even the meanest of people. However, look around and you may find it hard to spot a smile, even though a smile uses less muscles than frowning. So start a new epidemic and smile today.

Need more convincing? read on for reasons why smiling is so good for us all.

Mood changer:

Smiling has been shown to increase our mood in a positive way, encouraging feelings of happiness and joy. They also encourage deeper communication between family and friends, which is something we can all work on.

Smile at strangers:

Research has found that by smiling at others you can increase the likelihood of them feeling happier and therefore increase their chances of helping others throughout their day in a positive way. Create more good Samaritans on the streets with a simple smile as you pass by a walking stranger.

Never fake it:

Conversely it has been observed to have the opposite effect if you force a smile upon your face. When we are visibly stressed or unhappy inside, forcing a smile can seem phony and fake. Sharing this kind of smile with others can encourage negative emotions and behaviour, they will also be less likely to speak with you or want to know you.

Do it for you:

In a stressful situation, although it may not be ideal to force a smile towards others, smiling in private or in a mirror to yourself can decrease your heart rate and lower those high stress levels. Through changing your mood and enhancing positive emotions associated with the smile you are giving yourself, you can literally change your mindset. Amazing!

Smiling in stressful situations or moments of stress has been shown to decrease your heart rate and lower stress levels by changing your mood and enhancing positive emotions.

Turn that frown:

If all of the above isn’t enough to get your smiling yet, know that smiling can increase your attractiveness, happiness levels and overall enjoyment in life.

Go forth and conquer the world with a thousand smiles and spread the benefits as you go. Remember, "A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth"