5 Ways To Handle Emotional Eating

Don’t we all, to some extent or another, have an emotional relationship with food? Of course we do: cake to celebrate a birthday, piles of ice cream after a breakup, cookies for a cheer-me-up. Food isn’t merely for sustenance, we eat to bring family together, as a reward, in celebration, which inevitably means that food and emotions go hand in hand.

But the trouble is, emotional eating often makes us feel worse. Especially when we are turning to it in times of turmoil and sadness. So next time you’re feeling down and in desperate need of cake (or whatever it might be) try one or more of these steps:

 1.  Write It Down

If you’re stressed, sad or worried about something grab a pen and write down a few steps you could take to make yourself feel better. It might be calling a friend to talk it out or sending an email to a colleague. Even just taking pen to paper to plan ways to resolve an issue can be very therapeutic.

2.  Have A Cuppa

There’s something about hot drinks that make you feel instantly calmed and comforted. Plus, if you’re hydrating yourself with something tasty, chances are you will cut that cake craving. We like herbal blends on the sweeter side for extra crave-curbing ability, so opt for something with Manuka Honey, and for added calming effects, try Chamomile, which is proven to calm the nervous system.

3.  Wash It Away

Immersing yourself in a body of water or simply jumping in the shower is a great way to quickly shift your perspective and unleash a burst of positivity. If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, take to the water and swim away your blues and your cravings. But even a nice hot shower can feel like a fresh start, especially when it's accompanied by your favourite Spotify podcast.

4.  Treat Yourself (just not with cake)

Take a short break out of your day to do something that you love. Buy a glossy magazine, sit in the park, listen to a podcast, message a friend. Whatever it is, do something positive and feel the effects of an uplifted mindset.

5.  Opt For a Healthy Treat

If you really want to eat and can’t shake the cravings, eat mindfully! Choose something sweet but healthy and unrefined. If you know that you’re prone to sweet treats, spend an afternoon of your weekend baking something delicious without all the nasty ingredients.

Turning to food in times of turmoil and stress often makes us feel worse. So next time you’re feeling down and in desperate need of cake (or whatever it might be) try one or more of these steps instead: