The Benefits Of An On-site Gym

Have you noticed something’s stealing your employees? No, your competitors aren’t poaching them. It’s poor health that’s preventing them from being at work.

It doesn’t have to be that way. The World Health Organization* estimates that up to 80 percent of all heart disease—Australia’s leading killer—can be prevented with lifestyle changes.

Your employees want you to act too. According to a global survey, around 67 percent of employees globally believe their employers play a vital role in helping them to become healthier.

But what can employers do? Think about some of the reasons that prevent employees from keeping up with exercise: no time, inconvenience and it can be costly. So, having exercise facilities at your workplace solves all three problems!

It’s no wonder companies like Cisco have adopted a health-conscious culture and offer not just an on-site gym but also acupuncture and other health services. That’s because the benefits, we believe, outweigh any costs. Here are some to name a few:

Your workforce feel refreshed

Employees perform best when they’re feeling great—exercise helps with that. By offering gym facilities on-site, you’ll give more employees a better chance of getting in some physical activity during the day, thus improving their mood. These effects don’t wear off quickly either. Research found workers who exercised at lunch said they came home feeling more satisfied with their day.

Wait. If they’re exercising, they’re not working—that’s no good, right? Not exactly. With a performance boost of up to 15 percent immediately after exercise, any time lost is made up through improved productivity.

"80 percent of all heart disease can be prevented with lifestyle changes"

Engagement will improve

You’ll also score points with your employees by offering on-site exercise facilities. Willis Towers Watson reported, “having on-site or near-site health and well-being services is a significant boost to employee engagement around well-being.” The same report also found employees who had access to on-site health and wellbeing services are twice as likely to promote their employer than those who don’t enjoy this benefit.

You could save money  

When done correctly, a corporate fitness facility could even save you cash. One suggestion to get the needed engagement and make it a worthwhile investment is to outsource the running of your facility to fitness professionals. You’ll also save on injury costs this way.

On-site gyms also turn out to be cheaper than offering discounted gym memberships. How? First, those who take up gym memberships aren’t likely to maintain a long-term exercise habit; ergo you don’t reap the benefits. Second, under Australian tax guidelines, gym memberships costing more than $300 may attract an FBT payment. Who wants to pay extra tax for something that’s not used?

If you’re an employer looking to engage your workforce, promote a health-conscious culture and have the office space, why not consider setting up an on-site gym?